Wednesday, 8 October 2014

President Joyce Banda today expressed that 50 years down the line Malawi

President Joyce Banda today expressed that 50 years down the line Malawi needs social, cultural and economic transformation.
Speaking at the Malawi National Consultative Conference on “Malawi at 50 and Prospects for the next 50 Years” at Cross Roads Hotel, Lilongwe President Banda said as Malawi will be commemorating 50 years of independence the moment just saves right for Malawians to reflect on the past and clearly think and reflect on the nation Malawi want to have in the next 50 years.
“As we are all aware, Malawi will be celebrating a jubilee on 6th July this year, commemorating 50 years of independence. I believe this moment provides us with an opportunity to reflect on our past, draw lessons and inspiration on what the 50 years have offered us as a nation. This moment further provides us yet another opportunity to think and reflect clearly about the nation we want to become in the next 50 years,” she said.
President Banda addressing the audience at the conference
President Banda addressing the audience at the conference
President Joyce Banda said that in her two years as a President she has seen that what Malawi need Is a social, cultural and economic transformation change.
“During the two years as President of this country, it has been clear to me that as a country we need social, cultural and economic transformation. Many commentators have argued that Malawi had a transition without a transformation. I agree. We need to transform our priorities in caring for the needy and the vulnerable among us,” said President Banda
Joyce Banda also articulated that Malawi needs need transformation in our cultural outlook especially our perception and practice of politics.
“Indeed, we need a transformation in our economy by enhancing rural transformation including wealth and job creation, hunger reduction, improving living conditions in our villages and the role of the private sector,” she said.
President Banda however highlighted the major challenged which has affected the countries development which is missing link between the nation’s development plans and its implementation framework: the lack of momentum to drive the implementation in a balanced and focused manner whilst taking a long term view.
According to Banda it is with this view that her administration introduced the High Level Development Council.
“It is with this view that my Government decided to establish the High Level Development Council (HLDC) to provide leadership in reflecting on the past 50 years of
the country’s independence and coordinate dialogue among Malawians and with the world at large in defining our destiny in the next 50 years,” said Joyce Banda.
The President also expressed hope that the Council will help build the momentum to strengthen and mobilize national efforts and resources in support of development plans; promote national ownership of our development policies in all vital sectors of the economy; and ensure a balanced and focused implementation of our development plans.
The National Consultative Conference which was organized by the High Level Development Council was under the objective of reflecting on national development over the past five decades and begin to strategize on the next 50 years.

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